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qiroll QR-E E-bike kit


QR-E Friction drive Motor:0.6kg
Battery: B60-0.6kg ,B70-1kg,H70-1.5kg

Efficient and Range

B70-200wh: 46km
H70-300wh: 72km

Powerful and faster

QR-E PRO 320W 30mp/h
QR-E Mute 250W 23mp/h

Customer Support

Email :Qiroll@qiroll.com
Global installation cases provide reference

Regenerative braking,

Can be activated anytime, and the power generation is up to 200W.

1 year warranty

3rd generation model, classic construction, improved over the years

Enjoy cycling

Best experience

Qiroll’s products have a unique technical design structure, based on the original electronic clutch technology. When the motor and the tire are not separated, it will not cause resistance to ordinary bicycles. Therefore the Qiroll structure and operation mode are unique in the field of friction boost. Smaller size, more simplified installation and more stable and efficient use of friction are the main benefits of Qiroll electronic clutch technology.

Intention to create

Reliability First

1.Innovative Technology:Electric Clutch、Mechanical Clutch、Mute Motor Control and Integrated System.
2.Electric Clutch:reduce tire wear and improve operating effiency.
3.Reliability first: Structure improved after years of verification,
4.Long service life:Full CNC aluminum alloy structure. It will not age after many years of use
5.Easy Installation:just take a few minutes.
6.Long endurance:H70 battery pack with new bms system support hybird mode cycling 72km.

Cyclists around the world are using Qiroll.

This bicycle power-assist kit is compact and exquisite in design, and is highly concealed after installation. Whether it’s commuting or riding with a companion, the feeling of acceleration makes me feel great.