Answers to COmmon iSSUES

Do I have to pedaling anyway?

  You can run on full motor power without pedaling, but we recommend that you pedal in moderation, as this will allow you to ride with maximum efficiency while increasing your riding pleasure.

   It is also necessary to pedal in EU, but it does not mean that you will be very tired. With the assistance of motor power, you will even enjoy the feeling of pedaling, while extending the total riding time and mileage, which is very helpful for health.

How long does the tire last?

We use a mixture of polymer to make the motor friction surface, which is a sticker that can be replaced. It does not wear tires like sandpaper, this material is less hard than tires, it will not wear tires at all,  it has high friction compared to rubber and plastic, and is easy to replace.

We do not recommend the use of sandpaper for friction drive structures, as sandpaper is destructive to tires, and according to our tests, using sandpaper reduces tire life by 2/3.

Does the friction roll also work in wet and rainy weather?

Wet roads will reduce friction on the friction surface, so we do not recommend using it in rainy days. Of course, it also runs in rainy days, but the mileage and power will be reduced. After use, we recommend that the motor be stored in a dry place to maximize its life.

Using sandpaper as a friction sticker will reduce the loss of frictional power in rainy days, but the sandpaper will seriously damage the tire, which is not worth it.

Which tire is suitable for our products?

Tires are best with a continuous center bar such as Schwalbe Hurricane or Marathon.
Studded tires are also suitable if a continuous central web is present, but this has an effect on the noise level.

What is regenerative braking?

The QR-E PRO can activate regenerative braking while coasting. When regenerative braking is running, the motor will generate a lot of resistance, causing the bicycle to decelerate, and the energy generated by deceleration will be converted into electrical energy and transferred to the battery for storage.

The regenerative function is very suitable for scenes that require frequent deceleration and mountainous terrain, which can effectively extend the battery running time and save braking loss.

The regenerative braking function of the QR-E PRO can be actively turned on using the grip switch when coasting. Because of its 200W power generation, it is a normal braking function rather than a simple deceleration effect. Can be used in place of bicycle brakes to reduce brake pad wear

What are the advantages of friction drive ?

Compared with other power assist methods, the modification of the original bicycle with friction drive is very small, and you do not have to disassemble your original wheels and modify any parts.

   After the friction drive motor is separated from the tire, the bicycle is actually in a “pure” bicycle state without modification, so it is more suitable for long-distance travel and fitness, which is a feature that the wheel hub and mid-mounted motor cannot have.The QR-E PRO features regenerative braking, which transfers braking energy to the battery.

After years of development and testing, our friction drives have become more and more stable, with the same power and stability as other motors.

What does “electronic clutch” mean?

 The electronic clutch makes it easier to install. Just let the booster stay close to the tire.When pushing or riding a bicycle but not pressing the start button, the motor starts to rotate against the tire.Once the start button is pressed, the booster begins the power output. The motor adapts to the tire speed.
We will not have the feeling of frustration caused by the separation of the booster.Of course, under the precise motor control technology, this method will not bring more damage to the tire.Just ride more smoothly and comfortable.

Why is the motor so small?

The motor of the friction drive system is not as big as possible. The motor with a large overall structure cannot be installed at an optimal angle, which will result in insufficient friction. Therefore, the friction driving force of those large structures, the motor is often in a semi-slip state, and the tire surface will have obvious hot melt. At the same time, the power is lost due to insufficient friction, and the battery with a larger capacity can only be used to make up for the reduction in battery life, which will lead to an increase in weight. And because batteries are expensive, they use cheaper and less dense batteries.

All the parts of the qiroll motor are designed for bicycle friction drive, the structure is compact and strong, using high-quality materials, the overall operation efficiency is higher, and the weight is lighter.

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