Answers to COmmon iSSUES

Do I have to pedaling anyway?

  You can operate the motor at full power without pedaling, however, it is advised to pedal moderately. This way, you can enjoy a more efficient ride and enhance your cycling experience. Pedaling is also required in Europe, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll become fatigued. With the support of the motor, you may even relish the sensation of pedaling, which increases the overall ride time and distance while promoting good health.

How long does the tire last?

We utilize a combination of polymer to manufacture the motor friction surface, which is in the form of a replaceable sticker. Unlike sandpaper, it won’t wear out your tires as it is less hard than tires . The friction provided by this material is higher compared to rubber and plastic and replacement is also a simple task.

Using sandpaper for friction drive structures is not recommended by us as it has a damaging effect on tires. Based on our tests, using sandpaper reduces the lifespan of tires by 2/3.

Does the friction roll also work in wet and rainy weather?

We advise against using friction motors in wet conditions, as the rain will decrease the friction on the motor. Although it can still be operated on rainy days, the performance and range will be decreased. For the longevity of the motor, it’s recommended to store it in a dry location after use.

Utilizing sandpaper as a friction surface may provide some traction during rainy weather, but the potential harm it causes to the tire makes it a questionable choice.

Which tire is suitable for our products?

The tire tread in the center should ideally be seamless, like the Schwalbe Hurricane or Marathon. While friction motors can be used with tires that have either continuous or discontinuous grooves and spikes, this may impact the noise level and range.

What is regenerative braking?

The QR-E PRO can activate regenerative braking while coasting. The motor generates significant resistance, which slows down the bike, and the energy produced by the deceleration is converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery.

The regenerative function is ideal for scenarios that demand frequent deceleration and mountainous terrain, as it can significantly extend the battery life and minimize braking loss.

The regenerative braking feature of the QR-E PRO can be easily activated by using the grip switch while coasting. With its 200W power generation capacity, it provides a proper braking effect rather than just a deceleration effect, and can even replace traditional bike brakes to reduce brake pad wear.

What are the advantages of friction drive ?

Compared to other power assist methods, the modification required for a bicycle with a friction drive is minimal and does not require disassembly of the original wheels or modifications to any parts.

Once the friction drive motor is removed from the tire, the bicycle returns to its “pure” state, making it an ideal choice for long-distance travel and fitness pursuits, a feature not available with wheel hub or mid-mounted motors. The QR-E PRO also has a regenerative braking system, which converts braking energy into battery power.

Over the years, through development and testing, our friction drives have become increasingly stable and have reached a level of power and stability comparable to other motors.

What does “electronic clutch” mean?

 The electronic clutch simplifies the installation process, allowing you to keep the booster close to the tire. When pushing or riding the bicycle without pressing the start button, the motor starts rotating against the tire. Once the start button is pressed, the booster starts providing power output, adapting to the tire speed.

This eliminates the frustration of separation between the booster and tire, and the precise motor control technology ensures that the tire will not be damaged. You will experience a smoother and more comfortable ride.


Why is the Qiroll so small?

The friction drive system’s motor should not be made as large as possible. A motor with a bulky structure cannot be mounted at the optimal angle, leading to insufficient friction, causing the motor to be in a semi-slipping state and causing obvious tire surface hot melting. Additionally, this results in power loss, and using a larger battery capacity only compensates for the reduced battery life, leading to increased weight and the use of cheaper, less dense batteries.

In contrast, the Qiroll motor is designed specifically for bicycle friction drive with a compact and strong structure. Made from high-quality materials, it offers higher operational efficiency and is lighter in weight.

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