Answers to COmmon iSSUES

Do I have to kick anyway?

Yes, the e-bike kit is designed as an auxiliary drive according to the applicable pedelec regulations. This will automatically shut off the engine as soon as pedaling is suspended. But since it is not specified how strong it is necessary to pedal, it is possible to let the e-motor do most of the work and even to move the cranks visually relaxed.

How long does the tire last?

This question depends heavily on the tire itself and the driving style. Basically we recommend to use high quality tires. With the correct setting and 250 watts of drive power, you will not be able to measure increased wear.

Does the friction roll also work in wet and rainy weather?

Yes, the coating of the friction roller has been optimized in many tests for maximum power transmission. Even when downpours and wet roads Qiroll helps you get to your destination faster.

Which tire is suitable for our products?

Tires are best with a continuous center bar such as Schwalbe Hurricane or Marathon.
Studded tires are also suitable if a continuous central web is present, but this has an effect on the noise level.

What does “electronic clutch” mean?

 The electronic clutch makes it easier to install. Just let the booster stay close to the tire.When pushing or riding a bicycle but not pressing the start button, the motor starts to rotate against the tire.Once the start button is pressed, the booster begins the power output. The motor adapts to the tire speed.
We will not have the feeling of frustration caused by the separation of the booster.Of course, under the precise motor control technology, this method will not bring more damage to the tire.Just ride more smoothly and comfortable.

How to store the battery (eg. in winter)?

If the battery is not used for a long time, eg over the winter, then you should at least charge it up to half and store it in a cool place. The self-discharge is compared to conventional batteries only very low, but you should at least every three months check the charge level and reload if necessary.