How to install
Qiroll has wide compatibility and can be installed on most bicycles. For most bicycles, QR-E is currently the best electric power assistance solution.
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Road Bike

Road bikes with steel frame, aluminum frame, and carbon fiber can all install QR-E, and there are many installation positions to choose from, and you can try reverse installation. If you need to ride at a speed exceeding 35km/h, QR-E PRO is the best choice.


  QR-E Mute/PRO can be easily installed on the Brompton without additional accessories. If it is a version with fenders, some fenders may need to be removed, and the folding will not be affected after installation.

Strida Bike

Using a special clamp, the QR-E can be mounted on the Strida. We will provide, please contact me. Give your Strida an electrified riding experience while maintaining the lightness and dexterity of the Strida.

Recumbent bicycle