H70 300wh E-Bike kit Bottle Battery


Qiroll H70 battery  pack

Size:73*250mm 1.6kg
Power: 33V  300WH
Bms system inside the battery
H70 is a bottle battery designed by Qiroll for the bicycle conversion kit QR-E PRO. The voltage is 33V, the capacity is 300WH, the diameter is 73mm, and the weight is 1.6kg. It has strong discharge and charge capacity, can withstand QR-E PRO’s 320W discharge and 200W regenerative braking to generate power generation
Based on the concept of the highest energy density, we installed 300WH batteries within the size of 73mm*250mm, with the high efficiency of QR-E PRO, the range of a single group of B70 batteries is 72km,
It can be put into any water bottle holder and water bottle sleeve, and the fastest charging time is 2.5 hours. You can carry 2 sets of batteries for a 142km ride challenge.
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Qiroll B70 battery pack
Power: 25V 9ah
Bms system inside the battery

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