QR-E PRO +H70 300Wh Battery Kit


QR-E PRO 320W+H70  33V battery

Electronic clutch and manual clutch

Regenerative braking (Maximum 200W power generation )

Two-way rotation

H70 battery 300Wh 72KM/ 42 mi (pedaling)

Suitable for bicycles: road bikes, off-road bikes (use road tire), city bikes, folding bikes

Need 6 * 4CM space to install

It may take some DIY to send a photo of the bike for confirmation.

Includes battery confirmation delivered to this location prior to shipment

Battery size: 73 * 230MM

Tire tread pattern needs to be continuous(Recommended road tires and city tires)

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QR-E PRO 320W double clutch booster

Electronic clutch and manual clutch
Mute low noise
Regenerative braking
Two-way rotation
33V voltage  Large capacity H70 battery
Compatible with B70 battery
320W maximum power

Total: 1.9 kg (QR-E Pro + H70 battery)
Standard range (72KM - H70 ECO mode)
Suitable for bicycles: road bikes, off-road bikes (riding on asphalt roads), city bikes, folding bikes
Need 6 * 4CM space to install
It may take some DIY to send a photo of the bike for confirmation.

Battery size: 70 * 230MM(H70)
Tire tread pattern needs to be continuous
Youtube: HTTPS://youtu.be/dGc1Bqdc6v4      Introduction
https://youtu.be/rx1qb31U6ng          Installation

H70 Package includes
1.QIROLL QR-E Pro friction drive system
2.H70 bottle 33V 9ah battery
3. DC Changer 33V 2A
4.S-1 control switch
6.Friction Sticker*2

Travel distance:  drive for 57 miles ( pedaling Test data, subject to actual results ).
Speed: The maximum speed is 30 mph (Support speed ).
Cycling mode: 2 riding modes, from Comfort to Sports+.
The electronic clutch is a virtual clutch. The way of working is that the motor is not separated from the tire (not through mechanical parts) and the electronic is used to eliminate the resistance of the motor.
Manually separate the motor from the tire only when the booster is not in use.
This way of working is a revolutionary improvement to the friction booster, unlike other similar products.
Electric Clutch: Qiroll's electronic clutch technology ensures a very stable drive. It comes into contact with the tire without resistance and can enter the operating state quickly and steadily.
Mechanical Clutch: The adjustment knob separates the motor from the tire when the battery is completely depleted or needs to be self-riding.
Flexible use: The booster is not something that can't be changed and can be easily removed without using it. With electronic clutch technology, installation and adjustment is very simple.
Reliability: The second generation of motors has a larger margin and the motor life is also very long. In extreme cases, the internal controller actively cuts off the power to ensure safety.
Reliable system: QR-E components are designed for friction assist. After years of testing and market feedback, they are reliable, stable and easy to install.
Passed safety certification, can be sent to Europe

Estimated delivery time 15-25 days


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Weight3 kg